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We try to do the very best to provide the reliability that is most needed in our customers’ daily lives. Wether your dog is in dire need of a trim, you have some errands to run, or you are traveling and need a sitter, we are here to help. Our staff shares in our core values of love and integrity and we ensure that each and every dog is treated with equal respect and attention.


Complete Service List for THE SHABBY DOG:




On call from 7AM to 7PM, our daycare service provides the convenience you need. We understand our lives today are busier than ever so let us help free up some space, so you can focus on getting what you have to get done. Our professional and caring staff will spend time watching, walking, or playing with your dog for specifically chosen periods of time. Please see our pricing list for our daycare rates.

Bathing & Grooming

Our grooming process begins by assessing the best bathing products to use for each individual dog. Next, we bathe your dog with the highest quality shampoos and conditioners, which are all natural, vitamin rich, hypoallergenic, PH balanced, tearless, chemical and soap free. Then, your dog is treated to a heat free blow dry.

After receiving a restorative bath and blow dry, your dog is seen by one of our highly trained groomers who will cut and style your dog’s coat accordingly to specific breed standards; as well as, trim nails and glands. We are happy to accommodate customer requests (i.e. shorter cuts for summer etc.) please let us know in advance for any specific requirements. All of our tools are cleaned and sanitized to insure the overall health and well-being of every dog in our care.


Bring your dog in while you’re away. We offer overnight lodging at our safe, secure, and cozy facility with a designated chaperone on site the whole time. Reservations are required for boarding as our capacity is limited so please contact us in advance for availability.


The SHAB Cab is how we transport your pet from your home to our facility, or vise versa. The SHAB Cab shuttle is available to our clients who wish to have their pets picked up or dropped off, either for retrieval from one of our on location services or dropped off afterwards; a happy and safe way to transport your beloved pet. Our SHAB Cab allows us to service our clients as their needs arise. Please call in advance to schedule.

Dog Walking & Home Visits

Our home services are unique to THE SHABBY DOG. We constantly try and find ways to provide convenience for our supporting community. Our home visits offer a highly accommodating way to keep things moving—for the times you’re away from home and the times when your dogs are unable to leave the house.